So you love to sing! But...

You cringe at the thought of being called to the stage. You're scared to share your love for singing with an audience? You're concerned people may not like your voice? Fear causes you to sing beneath your potential and it frustrates you?

Maybe you were told you can't sing and each time you try you're terrified of failing?
All of the above are real issues some singers face, so you're not alone!

Discover how to increase your knowledge to gain clarity and build skill quickly from anywhere in the world!

Standing in front of a crowd to speak or sing is quite intimidating, but it doesn't have to stop or hinder you from stepping on stage to intentionally deliver powerful impacting performances like a pro!  

I can intimately relate to ALL of the gut-wrenching scariness of stage fright... BUT I can also reveal to you how I moved from being so petrifed that I physically shook, to not only delightfully stepping on stage with confidence but boldly singing my heart out and having fun with my audiences!  

I reveal and finetune the voice of singers like you, with coaching, equipping you with practical techniques to increase vocal ease, beauty, agility, and singing skill!  

So forget what the naysayers and dream snatchers said and step into your full vocal potential! People are waiting to hear your awesome talent!  

Are you ready to transform your mindset and enhance your voice to create compelling experiences on stage without being crippled by fear?  

Well that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do during my 6-week Online Course!  

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  • Bust myths & misconceptions to remove mental blocks & reduce wasted time.
  • Establish realistic expectations to reduce unnecessary frustation & stress.
  • Remove self sabotaging beliefs & habits that restrict your vocal growth.
  • Protect & hydrate your voice with consistent vocal care & good maintenance habits to improve your vocal quality, flexibility & stamina
  • Use clear diction to create compelling captivating communication with your audience.
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  • Set defined goals to achieve your desired sound quickly.
  • Enhance head and neck posture to increase vocal freedom.
  • Improve body alignment for effective singing.
  • Reduce tension restricting your vocal organ to increase flexibility.
  • Master your breathing to improve the overall ease power and quality of your vocal tone.
  • Develop specific laryngeal muscles to increase vocal power and projection with ease.
  • Learn how to increase pitch accuracy to achieve vocal beauty.
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Who is Coach Shelly?  

Shelly-Ann Aqui is the founder and the Lead Vocal Coach of The PRVM Performing Arts Academy, creator of the Savvy Singers Vocal training method, and life success coach to singers.  

Shelly, as she is fondly called, is an internationally trained vocal production coach with decades of experience. Shelly is a certified professional life coach, certified by the Fowler Institute, Stylistic Specialist with Berklee College of Music and human behavior transformational coaching with NLP.  

She has added the disciplines of artist branding, transformational speaking, conflict resolution, and team engagement and leadership development to her portfolio.

Feature: Ultimate Lifestyle, Women's Success Conference 2016 

Magazine Feature: Caribbean Women of Business 2015 & 2017 

Marketer's Feature: RIPL Marketing 

Judge: Gospel Music Awards Trinidad & Tobago 2018

Judge & Coach: Emerge Gospel Challenge TT 2018