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Ready to gain Clarity & Guidance to remove setbacks, struggle, loneliness, and financial stress?

A Clarity Session is Not A Coaching Session.

So what is it?

It's a complimentary 20-minute consult focused on having an introductory conversation to determine if we're a good fit, Identify your needs, and guide you to your next best step.

Kind of like a first meet-up!

We'll discuss your goals, how I could potentially support you, and determine the fastest way forward, best tools, and resources required to get you on the path to accomplishing your goals!

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Shelly Aqui: Lifestyle & Business Coach To Women

IG + FB: @simplyshellytnt

Meet Shelly

In case we've never met, I'm Shelly Aqui, affectionately called the Possibility Coach in my community. I'm an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and business coach to women.

I traded the employee status for the entrepreneurial lifestyle 23 years ago because I wanted to design my life on my terms,  maintain control of my time, increase my income, and freely embrace motherhood and Marriage with ease, grace, joy, and flexibility! I wanted the best of both worlds!

At that point, all I had was $40.00, an idea, and my big dreams! So over five years of consistent work, I flipped that $40.00 and my concept into a 7-figure earning coaching practice. Created dozens of courses and classes, produced live events, and coached thousands to accomplish their goals and build their dream business. So not only have I manifested my big dreams, but I help other women do the same!

Shelly Aqui: Business & Life Design Coach

Today, I am joyfully helping women use their knowledge, education, and Skills to build profitable online businesses and navigate entrepreneurship authentically.

Sharing my success path, business tips, hacks, and perspectives with outstanding female entrepreneurs like you to support and inspire you to smash belief barriers, embrace Possibility, stand in your feminine essence, and increase your financial stability without sacrificing your self-care, spirituality, significant partners, or motherhood.

I am equipping success-minded women entrepreneurs with proven strategies and approaches that increase their business acumen, skillfully and confidently navigating entrepreneurship and making money doing what they genuinely love! 

So, whatever's holding you back, let's unclog the path so you can propel into the purpose and prosperity you've longed for.

I know how, and I'll show you everything I know—looking forward to serving and engaging with you.

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What my community says

Why the Picture of Possibility Tribe is raving!

"Coach Shelly delivers a wealth of information and shows how to execute strategies for successful business women leading successful lives. Through her series I have been able to plan, strategize and put in the work necessary.
I highly recommend her services"

Scharel Jo.

"Coach Shelly is authentic!
The type of coach to pop in your inbox after seeing your post to tell you, "Hey! Add ‘this’ for more engagement!"... after implementing a few strategies shared, I immediately noticed more engagement on my page! Thanks Shelly"

Simone Blackwood

"Shelly is a master coach
who GENUINELY cares about the success of your life
and your business.
If you are looking to up-level and become all that you can be then I endorse Coach Shelly."

Nicole Greene


Develop The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Growing a business is challenging. Without developing an entrepreneurial mindset, you'll struggle. I'll teach you strategies, techniques, quick hacks, and daily routines to help you create winning behaviors and design a business and life you'll enjoy. As a result, you'll build your confidence and develop courage as a business owner.

Gain Clarity

Learn how to be destination and direction-focused. Gain clarity and set goals that are attached to your big vision. You can make costly mistakes or bad decisions if you are unclear; coaching can help you create a clear path to avoid unwanted pitfalls and guide you to your success path without the chaos.

Support and Guidance

Coaching offers a safe, supportive space for you to smash sabotaging beliefs, provide support to deal with unexpected hurdles, and develop personally and as a female entrepreneur. You get guidance to take the proper steps to avoid unwanted frustration, struggle, wasted time, money, and energy.

Business Growth & Development

You'll receive advice and customized strategies for your business, accelerating your growth with greater ease. Whether new at business or you've been a business owner for a while, coaching encourages you to learn how to trust yourself, lead confidently, and tackle challenges with the right mindset and approaches.


Building your business can get lonely, but you don't have to do it alone. Immersing yourself in a community of like-minded women is a valuable asset. Make connections with women who sincerely want to see you win. Who will encourage you, hold you accountable, collaborate, congratulate, and celebrate you.

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